Thursday, April 14, 2005

Papal Sightings (con't)

So I caved in. Still skeptical as to the import of this "event," I nonetheless grabbed my instamatic camera to record history. I bounded down the steps with the brotherhood--Danny, David, and Ed--and we ran to join the crowds already lining up at, I guess 17th St., near the Old Executive Office.

Motorcades, even in a town famous for them, always are thrilling to watch even to the jaded. Everyone loves a parade, right! And there he was--the Pope! Standing in a black limousine, red cape rippling in the wind, hand waving. I snapped the button of my little plastic camera. Click! Got the Pope's back anyway.

"Let's follow him!" shouted Danny, who at well over six feet also had the longest legs. So we chased after the motorcade for some blocks, pushing through crowds and people--who had the good sense to station themselves at the Pan American Union (OAS) because they, of course, were prepared and knew the Pope would end up there.

Finally, squeezing through the many people there, we found a suitable space under the shade of a small tree and waited for the Pope to appear at a little second-story balcony. I don't remember, really, what he talked about. But we stayed there watching and listening to him for a while . . .

Well, dear reader, maybe this isn't the most moving account of an encounter with Pope John Paul II, but really it was much more than I had bargained for at the time.


Blogger Gone Away said...

To see a famous person is like touching history; it gives one the chance to say "I was there". There is something very affirming in that, even though the tale may appear a little thing to others. The best that I can muster in return is that I once saw the Byrds perform live, although that hardly competes with seeing the Pope. But they were reputed to be the first of the psychedelic groups, a milestone of sorts for my generation...

4/15/2005 06:58:00 AM  
Blogger Blue Clinkers said...

I saw the Byrds in concert some years later--"8-Miles High", right? They were still pretty high energy (after their heyday) if I'm remembering the right group . . .

4/21/2005 03:47:00 PM  
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