Tuesday, March 08, 2005


A shrunken, shriveled man stands below the dais
With the few and frail survivors,
The tufts of his crown tossed in the wind.
His right arm is marked
With the sign of David.
(Remember, O most gracious virgin)
(Never was it known)

Someone is saying, "We must never forget...
We must remember forever...,"
The words whisked and flipped in the air.
His mottled ears recall
The sound of wailing.
(Mother of the word)

Someone is lighting the memorial flame,
As the words of the speaker disperse,
The wick whipped and twisted by wind.
His sunken eyes recall
The sight of smoking.
(To you we come)
(Before you we stand)

Someone is singing an ancient prayer;
With the pellets of rain falling,
The heads of the crowd bowed in vapors.
His pocked nose recalls
The smell of burning.
(Despise not our petition)
(Despise not)

He offers what is broken.
(Zion, Virgin, Mother
Of the world; incarnate
But, remember...
Rebuild her walls;
Restore her ruins.

Then, he might offer
A proper holocaust.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent -- the perfect triangle: the Jewish Holocaust, the Perfect Holocaust, and the Mediatrix.

3/09/2005 03:44:00 PM  

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