Sunday, February 20, 2005

Code Name "Arc" - Part 2

[continued from Part 1]

NO. 1: You know, doc, I'm just not sure. I mean... my kids love it. We have a set in the back yard, and they'll play for hours. But, for a project like this, it's just... goofy.

WELBY: To the uninitiated, perhaps. It's virtues are well documented; it's history is storied. We've just taken it one step further.

NO. 1: Well, I guess a lot of other techniques have failed at far greater costs. And, the risk is fairly minimal. It does seem like it's worth a try.

NO. 2: Ditto.

WELBY: Very good, gentlemen. I'll be at your disposal.

NO. 1: Thanks doc. You know, just curious: you're not a real physician are you?

WELBY: No, not really -- I just play one on TV -- part of my cover as actor "Robert Young".

NO. 1: Of course, I'm sorry: that was right here in my notes.

WELBY: By training, I'm a metaphysician. There's a small group of us really, but somewhat in the same line as you -- chasing down the Ultimate Cipher.

NO. 1: You're a smarter man than me, doc.

Alright, No. 2, let's get this thing going with some discretionary funds. And, once you get a stable platform, give Harris at MI-5 a buzz.

NO. 2: Uh, chief, everything that goes through MI-5 gets to Chameleon.

NO. 1: Yes, he is a wild card -- said to be an independent actor. Well, then, let's keep it quiet for now.

COMM 6/4/77
TO: NO. 2

Per POTUS [Carter], project suspended indefinitely.

{Sorry. I know this was your baby. Zbignew said that it may prove destabilizing & "Uncle Leonid" might get upset.}

COMM 7/11/82
TO: NO. 2

Per POTUS [Reagan], project reactivated. Please give me restart report within 30 days.

{Word is Thatcher heard of this from some course [Chameleon?] and chatted up POTUS on recent trip. She is like goddess to him, so we're back on. Contact Welby -- I think he's doing only the occasional made-for-TV movie nowadays; otherwise at the Stanford Lab.}

TO: NO. 1

Think I've located operator for project. New recruit -- still green. But, seems perfect. Working on supply order through Spalding Sporting Goods.

TO: NO. 1

Our man reports first substantial breakthroughs.



Blogger Gone Away said...

Ah, the memories that this document engenders. They are dim now, those days when the game was played to the hilt, when the arc held us all in its sway, tensed and ready for the inevitable return of of the sphere, once again to know that "the ball is in your court".

As you know, clever Remainderman, I was but a bit player in those days, a lurking presence on the edge of things. Yet I observed as was my remit, faithfully reporting back how the game did go, and never receiving due recognition for my pains.

But it was ever so, for all of us I suspect, and, as the great steamroller of history has moved on and passed over us, we still have this: that our memories are the storehouse of ultimate truth, the repositories of days when we looked full on into the face of existence and dared to dream. Yes, we knew how close we came to final extinction in those heady years of the early sixties; yet we held these truths to ourselves, knowing that some things were better left unsaid.

I see now that we were a brotherhood of privileged knowledge, though we bowed to different masters. Let us never forget how the dance of death united us in common cause; though we planned and schemed each other's downfall, yet were we one in this: we were brethren of the cause, the chosen few, singled out by fate to partake of a singular purpose, this (no, I shall not speak its name - even now, there are secrets too sensitive to be the butt of dregs, the dusty researchers, the weasel journalists, the get-rich-quick ghost writers), this, this "game" that we played.

Let others, years from now, pore over the document you have so humbly presented, with all due honor and insight, and, in final analysis proclaim, "This, gentleman and ladies, this was their finest hour."

2/20/2005 10:31:00 PM  
Blogger Gone Away said...

I am given to understand that the muslims, in obedience to their Koran, will always commit one error when decorating their mosques, thereby not to compete with the perfection of their god, Allah.

Let us take it that the double "of" in my posting is in the same spirit. :D

2/20/2005 10:43:00 PM  
Blogger Ned said...

(smacks self in forehead) Tetherball.(stumbles off, muttering to self)

2/21/2005 04:38:00 AM  
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