Sunday, January 09, 2005

Ordinary Time

We've settled back into ordinary time, according to certain canonical calendars. Do not adjust your clocks. It's simply this: Advent came; Christmas went. The festive decor is just taken down and put up.

The stores have long since cleared out the tinsel and false pinery in favor of hearts and more hearts. This is just as well -- the batteries of the laughing, animatronic Santa had run low, and he sounded as if he were in the last stage of some dread disease.

Donees have run the queue to return or exchange precious gifts. But, this is odd: can one have too many holiday-themed mugs or bulky, electrical devices to keep one's beverage either hot or cold (for, if it were lukewarm, I warrant, the imbiber would spit it out)? Even that small lump of coal may provide a tiny, momentary ember of heat before the wrath of global warming reduces us (counter-intuitively) to a vast gallery of frozen statuary.

Your humble Contributor is padding around in slippers from the Christmas before, early a Sunday morning -- unshaven, but without the shock of hair that had frightened little children and caused others to question their faith. Still, all is returning to normal. The reddened coils are rendering crackling rashers; the flat cakes are forming from the beaten batter; the water is erupting into a dark, aromatic brew. The other Householders begin to shuffle in like generally well-behaved zombies.

Now, for a time, all will be standard, same, normal; par for the course; run of the mill; ordinary. Be thankful for that which is routine against that which is cataclysmic.


Blogger Gone Away said...

How pleasant to find a well written blog. You force me to add it to the list of blogs I check in my daily rounds. Incidentally, this post reminds me of the ancient Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times... ;)

1/09/2005 08:56:00 PM  
Blogger Remainderman said...

Gone Away --

Most unusual to find learned visitor to pages. Except occasional wayfaring stranger.

Curse give Remainderman idea. See above.

1/09/2005 11:05:00 PM  

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