Thursday, December 09, 2004

A Word On Our Other Contributors

Please do not mistake the seeming scarcity of our Other Contributors as slack or detachment. They are no sphinxes; they are no mute, terrifying idols, demanding everything and supplying nothing. Far from that.

Rather, they are men of such letters and learning that their very quietude inspires whatever scraps of wit and wisdom one might find on these pages. (What? ... then keep looking. They're here.)

How shall I put it? Well, for instance, Christmas comes but once a year, and, yet, most people do not truly wish that it came each day. It is this great feast's relative rarity that makes it all the more anticipated. Just so, these daily postings are like so many dreary X's on the calendar; but, when the Other Contributors post--why, one might fairly draw a rotund circle around the date with many, emphatic stars.

And, believe me, with good reason: for these quotidian ramblings of mine are but the continuo awaiting the soaring strains of the virtuosos that will come.

"The deserts will become like Eden."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The quotation is from Isaiah 51:5.

12/10/2004 08:13:00 AM  

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