Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Traffic Report, Monday, December 06, 2004

Our first recorded visit yesterday. Admittedly, it was very late at night. And, yes, our visitor may have landed here by some happy misdirection akin to driving off a dark and lonely mountain road and encountering a fast approaching ravine.

Yet, what joy! It's like the difference between existence and non-existence. Like the difference between getting a zero on a test and getting one point for a partially-correct spelling of your name.

I imagine our fair visitor to be a post-modern Diogenes, wandering the webbed wasteland in search of an honest site -- pausing for approximately 3 seconds to fix his beam upon us -- then shuffling off to another URL.

Or, like a latter-day Lone Ranger sans Tonto and Silver -- searching out injustice, outrage, and atrocity. Kemo sabe -- you find here.


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