Saturday, December 18, 2004

Mickey Mao

The toothy rodent -- seemingly quiet for some time -- has again reared his cute head. Now, he and his fellow travelers have joined with the Chinese Youth Communist League to begin a Second Long March -- this time south to establish the Magic Maoist Kingdom. Is this Goofy or what?

Are you now surprised that your cab stalled at the Chinese animatronic group in the It's a Small World ride on your last pilgrimage? Small world = one world.

Will we soon see the fowl, triumphant image of Donald "Peking" Duck? Or, Bambi and Thumper pointing the way to the Great Leap Forward?

One can only hope that the political and religious prisoners in China may have some access to Disney merchandise from their dank cells and labor camps, and, perhaps, a glimpse of the 2008 Olympics between the cold, steel bars.


Blogger Harry said...

Raucously hilarious. Here's hoping you have more time on your hands to produce more!

12/19/2004 12:52:00 AM  

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