Thursday, December 09, 2004

Fantasy Tetherball

It's not too early to begin thinking about your fantasy tetherball line-up for the coming season. Baseball is long since over, and some players are spending the off-season relaxing before grand juries. Football has failed as a political prognosticator. Hockey is taking a sabbatical. Basketball has become too violent a spectator sport. Curling season is already well underway. (Note: revised rules of curling apply sweeping changes.)

The indoor tetherball season, of course, begins on January 1st, taking as its cue the dropping of the Great Ball from the pole at Times Square. The outdoor season begins on April 1st, when the real talent comes out to play. This year, the Word Tetherball Federation has adopted the following theme: "What Makes The Ball Go 'Round."

Amazingly, there are still tetherball deniers out there. Consider these insolent comments:
Where outside of camp have you ever seen anyone play Tetherball? You don’t hear anyone quitting work for the day and heading for the gym for a good game of Tetherball. I’m fairly certain it's illegal outside of licensed summer camp facilities due to the danger inherent in that rope getting wrapped too high up the pole. (

But, this bespeaks a shocking ignorance about the game. One might start with a primer on the rules. Then, by golly, get out and give it a whirl. We think you'll find it a vigorous, challenging, and animated sport.

More on the advantages of tetherball soon.


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