Friday, December 03, 2004

Election Results for the Sports Fan and the Superstitious

It's been a month since the election, and, still, some are in a blue state.

Some watched polls, some examined entrails, some consulted augurs, and some conjured Fillmores past. I can do nothing to console these folks.

But, to those who relied on the Gridiron Bounce, I can offer some enigmatic balms.

The Oracle at Delphi

Legend has it that, in the 8th Century B.C., the Oracle advised a quadrennial sports festival to bring peace among the warring Greek states. Some say she's been silent for a few millennia; others say she's moved to another site. Did Cheney secretly visit the Delphic ruins in early August with talking points for the Pythian priestess? Was it coincidence that the presidential election comes the same year as the Olympics? Or, that the U.S.A. walked away with the most olive clusters? Or, how about that the marathon run actually began in Marathon?

The Curse of the Bambino

The Boston Red Sox had not won the World Series since 1918, when they sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees. The Bambino went on to become the Sultan of Swat. Did the Oracle consult the Olympian pantheon at the behest of Bill Buckner? Did the gods offer just one choice: Fenway Park or Beacon Hill -- the Bosox Bullpen or the Botox Brahman. We know how it went. Next thing you know, Curt Shilling was stumping for Bush. Unrelated events?

The Oracle of the Pigskin

The rule was this -- whenever the Washington Redskins won their last home game before a presidential election, the incumbent party would win the White House; conversely, whenever they lost their last home game, the challenger would win. This year, the Redskins lost to Green Bay, but Bush won. Clinton Portis scored what looked like the winning touchdown in the fourth quarter -- before the play was called back on a bogus penalty. Did the Redskins actually win... before they lost?

I don't pretend to know all the answers; but, I hope this helps. You might also just ask Pythia.


Blogger palinurus said...

I took your advice and asked the Oracle, "Why did Kerry lose?" The Oracle answered: "Why do you ask the obvious?"

12/04/2004 06:29:00 AM  

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