Friday, December 17, 2004

Christmas Gifts For Contributors

It's not too late to purchase appropriate Christmas gifts for our fine contributors.

Consider how much they have given you over the last few weeks. That they have given you nothing, next to nothing, or a whole lot of nothing should not trouble you. In some primitive cultures, doing nothing was well-regarded, and giving nothing was a sign of great respect: the notion being the non-gift bearer regards the non-recipient (such as a Great Leader or Goddess Queen) as having everything, and anything the downtrodden serf could offer would be paltry and insulting. Therefore, the non-gift giver came empty-handed. (Note: this is not reciprocal -- the Great Leader is expected to provide out his massive store of beneficence.)

We asked our contributors to create wish lists -- but, they resembled phone books for a large metropolitan area. Thus, after much effort on our side, and pouting on theirs, we have culled the lists to a single gift suggestion.

We know that our gentle visitorship would be happy to do the least they could do.


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